Friday, 26 June 2015

School Year Highlights

This being the last school day before summer holidays begin, I'll share a few highlights from this past school year.

As part of our end of school year field trip, we toured the Manitoba Legislature Building in Winnipeg. 

Trying to get a better angle of our tour guide as we listened to her in the Rotunda.

In it, to win it, at our annual multi-colony Hutterite Track and Field Day.

Shooting Hoops while skipping for our Heart and Stroke Jump Off Fundraiser.
There is indeed a skipping rope there, but difficult to see.

 Some of our students were in the winners circle after the Prairie Sounds Arts Festival

 Our Educational Assistant, Garett, graduated from Brandon University and according to
our students is now a 'real teacher'. This has been quite the year for him. In early spring he was
baptized upon confession of faith, then graduated with greatest distinction and next week he's getting married.

Wishing you a splendid summer, with lots of time for 
rest, relaxation and reading.

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