Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hutterite Diaries Snippet #4

One of my favourite chapters in Hutterite Diaries is about my cousin, Judith and her horse.  Even if you're not a horse enthusiast, you will appreciate 'riding with Judith'. Here's an excerpt of that chapter. 

When my colony, Elm River, was established in 1935, colony members relied on machines that ran on oats to farm the land. In his younger days, my dad loved working with these “tractors”—horses, of course—and occasionally helped break wild ones. I grew up hearing countless horse tales. Thus began my fascination with these magnificent animals. I especially enjoy watching humans and horses doing extraordinary things in tandem.

While horses played a huge role on early Manitoba Hutterite colonies, today they’re used mostly for leisure activities. Some Hutterites, however, take such leisure to a whole new level. People like my second cousin Judith prove that with the proper mix of psychology, principles, practice, and patience, a phenomenal human-horse partnership can emerge.  
Today's endorsement is from Donald B. Kraybill, premier scholar of Amish life.

 “Like the Amish, Hutterites have wisdom aplenty  for the rest of us. Living like the early church did, America’s Hutterites challenge the values of the selfie generation.”

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