Saturday, 7 March 2015

Shapshot Muse #28 - He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me

Hutterites engage in a wide variety of activities in their free time, such as woodworking, knitting, crocheting and sewing. My sister, Sonia paints, among many of the other crafts she spends time with. Many of the walls in our house are adorned with her gorgeous paintings. These often become the topic of discussions when guests arrive and marvel over her talent. With each piece she produces, I'm more amazed what her able hands create on canvas with a little paint and few brushes.

About a year ago she worked on a scene I instantly fell in love with. It is her depiction of a place near our colony where a narrow dirt road leads across the La Salle River, and has greenish blue water flowing through the culvert. The trees along the river are so realistic and the golden field and azure sky with white puffy clouds provide a grand backdrop. For me this scene whispers 'serenity'.

Last August I went into my room one day and there stood the completed painting, framed and all. Sonia had given it to me for my birthday. I have it hanging on my wall, as a constant reminder of her talent, generosity and the peacefulness and beauty of nature. It brings to mind a song by the Freedom Singers, one of my favorite groups - He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me.



  1. Wow! there are no words, coming from me, who has absolutely no artistic talents, (at least in the painting type) I truly appreciate others who can. wonderful gift from your sister. bless her giving heart! thankyou for sharing with us!

  2. You're welcome, Lydia. Yes, it really is a wonderful gift!


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