Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hutterites Honour CMU Professor with $10,000 Donation and Artwork

I've known Dr. John Friesen, (professor at the Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Manitoba) for many years and have also taken some of his church history courses. I always found it mind boggling how he could rattle off the dates of events that happened centuries ago, just as if it all occurred a few years ago. He's certainly helped me understand not only Hutterite History better, but Church History as well.

I was in attendance when Dr. Friesen was honoured and people were given the chance to thank him for all he'd done for Hutterites over the years. It was a very touching event and very well deserved. You can read more about it here:

Hutterites honour CMU professor with $10,000 donation, artwork

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