Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Snapshot Muse # 27 - Simple Gifts

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon as I went for a walk with my sister, cousin and nephews, Jakobi and Terrance. Of course one can never walk long distances, or get any where fast with two little boys along. There are just too many things to explore and be in awe of. Yes, things you would otherwise miss - like that seagull soaring in the sunshine, waaaay up there. And those 'tires that don't have a tractor'. I love seeing the world through the eyes of little children - everything is magical and pretty and, and, and... 

A reminder, for sure, of the importance of  'stopping to smell the roses' and to notice the simple things, that often go unnoticed.

On our walk we came across this magical place; two rows of stately poplars creating a gorgeous golden path, perfect for running and kicking up leaves, tumbling down and rolling in them. Or just lying still and marveling at the branches, leaves and sky above. A little boy's paradise.

The best song I could think of for this post is, Simple Gifts:


  1. Pred. Terry Miller22 October 2014 at 17:44

    I assume you know that "Simple Gifts" was a song "given" by the Holy Spirit to Elder Joseph Brackett of the Alfred Shaker Colony in Maine, who later held the service of the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Society (colony) also in Maine. The beautiful God-blessed tune has gone around the world over and over again, but not many know of its origin. The little colony at Sabbathday Lake still exists and I have been there with them many times.
    -Pred. Terry Miller

  2. Thanks, Terry. I was aware that it came from the Shaker community, but not exactly which one. On another topic, you were going to send me information about a Hutterite woman who joined Amana, but you never did. I would still appreciate hearing about that.


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