Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Our School's Annual Bag Fever

Park bench made from recycled plastic
It's October, the month when our school has bag fever. To save plastic bags from going to a nuisance ground, where they will lie for ages, or else cling to a fence, bush or tree somewhere, we're collecting them and sending them to a recycling place. This Bag Up Manitoba project is made possible by Take Pride Winnipeg. The company turning plastic bags into park benches, birdhouses and many other beautiful things is Trex. To learn more about this, you can go to some of my previous posts.

In past years, our school has been rewarded with park benches and birdhouses for our efforts. While this isn't the real reason we're involved... It's more about promoting a clean environment. Still, it is a wonderful incentive and keeps our students and their parents, relatives and friends motivated to collect as many bags as possible during the month of October.

If you're in this area, please consider giving your bags to us this month. Let us know, if you have any and we'll arrange to have them picked up. Or you can drop them off at our school. If you need more information, leave me a comment or use the contact form in the side bar.

I'd also like to encourage other schools in Manitoba to take part in this. See Take Pride Winnipeg to learn more.

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