Friday, 19 September 2014

Snapshot Muse # 25 - On the Wings of a Dove

My walk to school is fairly short - out the back door and just across a driveway, really. I suppose I could go with the old cliche, 'short and sweet' to describe it. It's sweet, because with all the trees around, I can always here the sweet song of birds, wishing me and anybody else who will listen a chirpy Good Morning.

On my way to school a few days ago I met this mourning dove. Was surprised how close it allowed me to get, before it flew off. Had to chuckle that same day after school, I showed my nephew, Jakobi this picture. (This was before I had checked if this was a turtle- or mourning  dove, as I didn't know the difference. They're actually quite similar.) I explained that it was a Turtltaubm, (our word for turtle dove). A few minutes later, he asked for my phone, "I want to look at the pictures." he told me. Often, when he's looking at pictures he mutters to himself about what he sees. When he came to this picture, he said, "Do is a Taubmturtl." (This is a dove turtle.) Next time he'll look at those picture, I will have to tell him I was mistaken and that this is not a 'Taubmturtl'.

Which brings me to my song selection - not exactly the bird in the picture, but a lovely dove song, nonetheless. "On the Wings of a  Dove", by Ferlin Husky.

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