Friday, 30 May 2014

Snapshot Muse #19 - Geh aus Mein Herz und Suche Freud

Sometimes me thinks my BlackBerry takes better pictures than my camera. Now I can also almost hear you photography enthusiasts, "You need a better camera." My answer, "Not really, because me and fancy cameras simply don't speak the same language. Just give me something very simple to figure out and which takes half decent shots and I'm happy." Some cameras are so complicated, by the time you figure out which setting to use, the moment you wanted to capture has passed. It's true, if I'd spend more time with cameras, I'd learn. And that's something I simply have no desire to do.

This week our pear tree was in full bloom. No, the pears are not edible - they're small, hard, sour and never get ripe. But that's fine. because this really is the most beautiful tree in our yard and perfect to sit under its shade!

My music selection for this post is a beautiful German summer song from Paul Gerhardt 1607-1657. It's about finding joy in nature. I was pleasantly surprised to find it on You Tube!


My favourite stanza:

Ich selber kann und mag nicht ruhn,
des großen Gottes großes Tun
 Erweckt mir alle Sinnen;
ich singe mit, wenn alles singt,
und lasse, was dem Höchsten klingt,
aus meinem Herzen rinnen.


  1. That's one of my favorite songs. We sang it at our Sunday Service last Sunday. We heard the birds thru an open window. It seemed they were singing along.

  2. Aaahhh, sweet! It's just wonderful to hear birds singing their cheerful songs after our long winter, isn't it?

  3. It sure is!! My trailer that I moved into is nestled in evergreens. We have all kinds if songbirds. So nice to wake up in the morning with the birds singing praises to our Lord. I put up a bird feeder and Hummingbird feeder at my bay window today. Allready got a visitor!! So excited!!

  4. Great photos are not made by expensive cameras. They are made by people with an eye for composition, or even sometime almost by accident. One needs a high quality camera for printing high quality prints, but for web use a cheapy will do.
    Color correction can help, and can take a mediocre photo and turn it into something pleasing to look at. Photoshop, of course, is the Cadillac of the image manipulation software, but there are other cheaper and even free software out there. I will send you by email a shot I made the other day, almost missed it. Simple in composition, yet balanced and esthetically pleasing. Mike

    1. And that's something I don't bother with, photo shop. I leave the pictures just the way the camera captures them. But I'm looking forward to seeing your photo, Mike.


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