Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Snapshot Muse #5 - Eine Kleine Geige Möcht ich Haben

I always find it totally delightful when children pick up an item and turn it into something else. Not only are they having fun and sharing this with their 'audience', but unknowingly they're demostrating their creativity and vivid imagination.

Thus, the inspiration for this post came from my adorable nephew, Jakobi as he turned this colander into dad's guitar, as seen in the picture. Over the course of a few minutes it became a hat, a drum, a potty and a mask. The teacher in me can't wait till he starts school and is introduced to story writing, because he obviously already has one writing tool in place. The imaginative stories he comes up with are priceless.

After we'd taken our Christmas tree down, I asked Jakobi where it was. "I took it to the cows and they ate it up." he informed me

"Really!" I marveled. "What happened to the decorations?"

"The cows ate them, too." he said, looking for all the world like I shouldn't even have to ask.

"So do the cows now have music and twinkling lights in their belly?" I asked.

"Yes." he answered seriously.

The song that came to mind as I was watching Jakobi play 'his guitar', was Eine Kleine Geige Möcht ich Haben. Friends from Germany sent me a Heintje CD for Christmas. (Thank You, Lutz and Antje!) So, I've been able to listen to this song and many others since. I used to have a Heintje cassette, but those are slowly but surely all becoming a thing of the past. My brother sometimes asks me rather incredulously, "Why in the world are you still listening to cassettes?"

"I still have a cassette player and cassettes I enjoy and that work fine, why wouldn't I?" I'm not one to throw things out just because something new and supposedly better comes along.

Heintje with Eine Kleine Geige

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