Friday, 24 January 2014

Birdhouses from Plastic Bags

Any bird would be happy to call this building home, providing they fit through the hole, of course. And we're happy that two bird families on our colony will get a new home come spring. (Don't think anybody would want to put up a birdhouse in -40 and blustery weather. Not to mention, birds don't usually look for new homes in winter.)

Take Pride Winnipeg gave two of these to each school that took part in their Bag Up Manitoba Project this year. We received ours just a few days ago.  Like last year, when we got two as well, we thought the only fair way to decide who will get them, is to have a draw. Daria and Doreen were the delighted winners this time around, and will get to put up their beautiful birdhouses in their yard.

This was the fourth year that we took part in Bag Up Manitoba. We managed to keep more than 27,000 bags from going to the nuisance ground this year. Instead they will be recycled along with millions of other bags collected through this program. They're all shipped to Trex, a company in the United States that builds beautiful and sturdy decks, benches, chairs, birdhouses and more from recycled plastic.

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