Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Happy New Life!

I love that phrase from a recent recycling ad! Happy New Life! Very timely, too, what with it being the season where everybody is wishing somebody a happy something or another.

Have been meaning to write this posts for some time now, but other things got in the way...

 At the beginning of this school year, we jumped on the Recycle Everywhere bandwagon. It's a great ride, one I highly recommend! Yes, go green!

We started by ordering Recycle Everywhere indoor and outdoor containers. These are free of charge to anybody who wants to recycle. We bought bins for the school and homes through a sustainability grant. In September we sent a letter to all the homes explaining this program and encouraging them to sign up. As a class, we talked about items that can be recycled through this program, since it will be the students collecting
the recyclables and they in turn can help educate the adults in our community.

Led by the school, we're recycling in most homes now, with more being added as we go! Each family that opted to take part, got a recycle bin, and every Thursday our Grade 4-7 students collect the recyclables, then, with the help of a high school student, sort it. Portage Recycling picks it up every other week. This organization is very accommodating - in early fall, the manger even made a special trip out to our school to explain how it all works. He has since told has he's using us as a model to promote recycling in other places!

 There were a few bumps to smooth out early on, but this program is working fairly smoothly now. And we're all still learning. It is wonderful to see how quickly this concept was embraced by so many on our colony!

On that note, Merry Christmas
and may the New Year find you,
giving many things a Happy New Life!

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  1. It certainly is a great ride! Hoping for more to jump on board.


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