Sunday, 1 December 2013

Freedom Singers Concert!

Simon Ivascu, Stefan Ivascu and Tim Parton

This past week I had the privilege of taking in a Freedom Singers concert. I've seen this group perform three times, and I enjoy it immensely every time. This concert was at the Winkler Mennonite Church - more than an hour away from here, but well worth the trip!! To see a clip of them performing, click here. I love all the songs they sing, (four CD's worth) but was pleasantly surprised to hear a few new ones! Their new CD is my favourite of all - probably because most of the songs on it, they performed at our colony last year, including 'Home'. Watching the Freedom Singers singing this song, you get the impression they're seeing heaven's door wide open. It also made me think of my dad, and how much we still miss him around this time, especially.

You can also read more about them here, when we had them come to our colony last year. They have an amazing story, part of which they also share at their concerts. Listening to it, really makes you think about how much we take for granted, when it comes to being able to serve Jesus freely, without being persecuted for doing so. And also what people would put themselves through, to attain this freedom. It's a book I highly recommend! As one of the Freedom Singers' songs says: 'We Are So Blessed!'


  1. They sound terrific! If they ever get to my neck of the woods, I'd love to hear them.

  2. They are terrific! They do travel to the US quite a bit. Where abouts are you? Somehow Texas seems to ring a bell. They live in British Columbia, Canada. You could check their website to see their events schedule, just Google Freedom Singers...


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