Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Memorable Moment at Falkenstein

Falkenstein - Photo courtesy of Alexander Basnar
OK, so this post is not set up as I would like it - for whatever reason, when I inserted the video things scrambled and I was not able to undo it. I'm glad I've finally been able add the correct video though, so I'll just leave it as is...

As I've said before, there were some moments on our trip that stand out. One of them happened at Falkenstein in the Anabaptist Gallery. We were watching a slide show of pictures from Martyrs Mirror, which had Alexander Basnar singing a song from our Vaeterlieder songbook. Alexander, who set this Gallery up, happened to be our tour guide that day and it was very special to hear him sing one of our history songs! I remembered him saying that he has videos on You Tube and was pleasantly surprised to find this one, O Allmaechtiger Herr, (shown above). It's worth listening to! He has a beautiful clear voice and does a superb job with this Hans Hut song.

Should you be interested, the CD is available at Hutterian Brethren Book Centre  and Scroll Publishing.
There are sound sample on both these links.

Well done, Alexander!

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