Thursday, 18 July 2013

My Sister - The Carpenter

Many Hutterites are involved in a wide variety of crafts, as you may have seen on this blog. (To see
some click on 'Hobbies' and 'Recycling ' in the labels.) Some of the crafts my sisters and I enjoy include, quilting, scrapbooking, crocheting, rug making, sewing, card making and painting.

My sister, Sonia takes creativity to a whole new level, where I don't even dream of going. She's not afraid to use power tools or tackle projects that require many hours of hard labour. A few years ago she built a windmill for our lawn. This year she decided to add a wishing well to our yard.

But of all the projects that she's created over the years, the most recent one has me marveling the most. She had this full sized sofa downstairs, that she figured was too long for the room it was in. Now, if that were me, I would simply replace it with a loveseat or a chair. End of story. But not Sonia, her creative juices came up with a superb plan to take the middle section out of the sofa and make a loveseat. Not making any grand announcements of this huge undertaking, all by herself she quietly...well, not so quietly, she sawed, hammered and stapled till her dream became a reality.

Yes, this loveseat was a full length sofa a few days ago. Unbelievable!


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