Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pentecost and Hutterite History

 Hutterites are observing Pentecost right now - May 19, 20, 21. If you wish to read more on that you can go to my Pentecost post from last year.

I'm reminded today, how almost ten years ago on a trip to Europe I had the chance to visit an historical site for Hutterites - Das Goldene Dachl (the Golden Roof) in Innsbruck. It was here, on February the 25th, 1536, Jaacb Hutter, was burned at the stake because of his faith .

 He was the leader of the Anabaptist group who placed all their belongings on a cloak, thus starting community of goods, modelled after the teachings in Acts chapter 2. After this they were known as Hutterites; a name they did not choose themselves, but which has somehow stuck to this day.

Some years ago this plaque was placed on the building. While standing under that plaque a feeling of deep gratitude came over me. Our forefathers had to endure tremendous persecution and yet they remained steadfast to the end, never losing sight who they were doing this for. Many gave their lives for their faith - a faith we strife to uphold to this day.

Thus, it is with this same gratitude we observe these very important Pentecost days, reminding ourselves why we live communally and what our forefathers so staunchly fought for - no doubt comforted, encouraged and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, promised to all followers of Christ.

Be Thou My Vision - Prairie Praise Hutterite Choir


  1. Linda, I remember standing beneath this golden roof in 1968. I am quite sure the plaque was not there, as I would have remembered that. Loved hearing the choir singing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I'm glad you got to see that in person, I'm sure it made it so much more real. It's like most things we see pictures of, we may think it's neat then but then when it's in person, it's a whole other feeling. Glad you shared that. ~ Beth Russo

  3. That's right Susan. It was only put there in recent years. Don't know exactly when. maybe some other reader knows...


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