Thursday, 7 March 2013

Paper Dolls

Remember playing with paper dolls? I do. However, when I was a little girl, I unfortunately never had Hutterite paper dolls. This set was created by Cynthia Stahl, who as you can see is an exceptional artist.  We have it in our school and each time we take them out, the children get so excited. They always want to know who the people are. There's something very delightful about children enjoying playing with paper dolls! Especially nowadays with an endless array of super toys within grasp, and not to mention computer games and movies.
Hutterite brides wear a blue dress.



How about you, did you have paper dolls as a child? Do you think it's important for children to have the option of simple playthings such as paper dolls, colouring books...., as opposed to always playing modern toys and games?


  1. Yes, I had 2-3 sets of paper dolls I enjoyed playing with as a child. It is so important for children to use their imaginations with a few simple items. I was never bored as a child and fortunately, my 3 children learned to entertain themselves as well.

  2. We have this set for probably 5 years
    or more and our girls have played
    quite a bit with them! Also I remember they are very affordable.

  3. wow, Linda these are really nice! I didn't play much with dolls at all, paper or plastic, that was my sister's forte, I had my nose stuck in a book! :-)

  4. Once or twice we had store bought paper dolls given as a gift. But most of the time we made our own paper dolls by finding men and women in Sears Roebuck catalogs and pasting them on cardboard cereal boxes. We hardly had any store bought but we were very creative making our own toys.

  5. Katie, that is so creative and I'm sure you were just as happy as you would have been with store bought ones.

  6. Those paper dolls are adorable and yes, I remember having them and making them. My mom taught me how to trace around their bodies to make different clothes for them.

    Modern games and toys are fine but there's nothing so special as the good old-fashioned ones to keep their imaginations going.


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