Wednesday, 23 January 2013

School Chuckles - Mind Those 'Os'

Most of us need a chuckle, or even a good laugh from time to time. I believe there's no better place for good laughs than a school.(Some days it's what keeps us sane.)

A few years ago we were taking part in the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Jump Rope for Heart program. Catherine Newham, the program coordinator in our area brought someone from the Foundation to talk to our students about the importance of maintaining a healthy life style with diet and exercise.

During the presentation, which in hindsight could have been dubbed, 'How Sweet It Is', the woman explained about reading labels and explaining what some of the words mean. "It's important that we know about the 'ose'." She informed her young audience who were actually quite attentive. "Do you know them? Fructose, glucose, sucrose..." Without missing a beat one of our grade four boys, proudly continued: "Tomatoes, potatoes..." really stretching out the 'oes' for emphasis. 

This student is now in high school and I assume he now knows those 'ose', and why the teachers thought this was so funny.



  1. LOL - It's hilarious hearing what they come up with, and I gotta give it to him, he's a quick thinker!

  2. Hiliarious especially that he wasn't trying to be funny. He seriously thought this was the correct response, that he was adding the right words to her list.


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