Thursday, 1 November 2012

This is the Mouse that Inspired a Post

Dear Mousey,

I know you don't follow my blog, at least I don't know that you do. Never saw a  on my mailing list either. In any case, maybe somehow you will see this.

I know winter is coming, cold, snow, not much yummy stuff to eat. And Manitoba winters can be especially brutal. I understand and in some weird way, my heart goes out to you. But not enough that I'd want to house a mouse in my classroom. Not a good idea for a number of reasons. (You don't have to deny that you're trying to get comfortable here, because some of my students saw your mousey self with their own eyes scurrying out of sight, just this morning.)

I know you think that our reading cushions would make a good bed, but sorry, we're not sharing. And just so you know, those cushions are carted around daily, so that would scare you a bit. You should also know there are boys in this room everyday, whowould have no problem making sure you never come here again. Nobody here likes mice, least of all, me. Only in story books, are your family and friends deemed incredibly cute.Unfortunately for you, that's where the affection ends! My sister actually has a published book where a mouse is the main character. But, even she has no desire to adopt you as a class pet. Sorry. O, computer mice are ok, too, because they don't stink, steal and chew things up.

Here then is our fair warning: We're very serious when we say this is a 'no mouse' zone. So, unless you see the inside of a trap in your not so distant future, you better think of another winter residence. Oh, and don't even think about one of the houses, a similar fate awaits you there. Maybe a better option would be a shed or barn, even though I never saw a welcome sign for mice there either. That's why they have cats around. No matter, just kindly pack your little bag and be gone.

I know, things look rather bleak. But that's the sad truth of life as a mouse. Nothing I can do to change it.

Squeak to you,

Linda - who you never saw yet and trust me, you don't want to.

PS, Thanks for the inspiration for this post!

(There really is a mouse here, still free, but not for long, I hope. May as well have some fun with it. I guess one never knows where inspiration will come from.)

Nov. 4, 2012
I'm happy to report my mouse is no more. But who's to say that she/he hasn't left some family members behind who still insist on living here, despite the fact that they could very well fall into the same trap as Mouse #1?


  1. I enjoyed your really cute story and totally agree! No mice allowed!!!

  2. Mouse free zones are the only ones I like to travel in~

  3. LOL - You're too funny. Tell him the U.S. doesn't want him either. We have plenty of his family members down here. GOOD LUCK ~ Here kitty kitty... :)

  4. loved this post! I can almost see "your" boys chasing that mouse out of your schoolroom!

  5. That is so cute, Linda! Funny too:) I just wish they'd stay outside of our dwellings..for their sakes and ours too!


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