Friday 26 October 2012

Recycling - From Sweater to Rug

I believe the reason Hutterite women love thrift shops is that most of them are...well, thrifty - they love to find great deals on some piece of fabric or yarn, rescue it from a shelf or rack, and give it a new and beautiful life. Not that the piece they purchase isn't beautiful, but at that point, many times it has lost its usefulness as a garment or afghan. Along comes a Hutterite women who envisions the colours in a pretty crochet rug for her home. The shop is happy for the sale, the woman is happy about the good deal and more importantly, abandoned article will once again be a prized possession. And the earth is smiling too.

The rug in the picture was made from old sweaters, that had been unravelled and then crochet into a rug. There is nothing better to place by the door - it not only offers a splash of colour to the entryway, but is absorbent, keeps most dirt of the floor and best of all, it's easy to wash. The re-purposed wool will serve as a rug for many years.

I know many Hutterites make gorgeous rugs with new wool and use intricate patterns, and I love those as well. But I'd rather see something old become something new.


  1. I'm with you. Repurposing somethingold into something else lovely is just a wonderful way to live. I love that rug~

    (I could not get this through the word verification part the few several times because one of the symbols I was to type was the symbol for Do Not Litter. I don't know how to type that picture!)

  2. Thanks! Sorry you were having problems, Shelly. It got through OK now though, so perservence paid off.

  3. Beautiful rug, and I'm with you.

  4. What a cute idea ~ I never would've thought of that. Of course I don't know how to crochet so that may have something to do with it. I do like turning old things into new, though. Love that color!

  5. Gorgeous rug! and luving the journey to it's creation :))
    Doing a bit of that in this weekend's Altered Journal Hop..
    waiting for friend to photo my project to add to my post [she got stranded in the country during the sleet storm!] but it too is rescuing a bit of fabric & gorgeous lace, etc to repurpose into a Gratitude Journal.. hoping you stop by !

  6. I've done a few rugs myself, something I love doing winter evenings, even summer evenings outside under the tree!


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