Sunday, 21 October 2012

Introducing 'Lebhaftes Lesen' (Animated Literacy) the German Version

This post is to introduce a brand new book/program for teachers of German and an invitation to a workshop that will walk you through the program. Here to tell you about it is Kenny Wollmann with the Hutterian Brethren Book Centre, Manitoba.

Liebe Freunde/Dear Friends,

When Josie Hofer from Green Acres School started teaching early-years German fresh out of high-school she felt overwhelmed. There were simply too many variables to consider at the same time, not to mention giving her young students a foundation in life-long literacy! Josie, along with her colleague Wilma Maendel, has worked over 5 years on re-imagining the program, Animated Literacy created by Jim Stone, into Lebhaftes Lesen.
Lebhaftes Lesen uses methods based on cutting-edge brain research to teach children literacy concepts in manageable portions. Story-telling, singing, movement, and other pedagogical tricks-of-the-trade are organized into a frame work that teachers can use to develop their own unique teaching-style.
In speaking with schools that are using Lebhaftes Lesen, I have realized that it has the potential to serve our communities extremely well, particularly in situations where there is a high teacher turn-over rate. This is often case where a Diene moves on to other roles in the community.
"Introducing Lebhaftes Lesen" is a one-day session that will cover all aspects of the program: theoretical concepts, the research behind the methods, and a thorough demonstration of the lessons. If everything goes as planned, teachers will be able to leave the session ready to swing into action.
The complete program will be available on site. The cost of the total package, including the manual, Liederheft, and audio-CD is $300 per school. Keep in mind that you are purchasing a program or concept, not just a book.
Please share this with any person you think may be interested. I hope to see many of you at McMaster House on the 31st., where this book will be launched.
Alles Beste,
Kenny Wollmann
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Feel free to share this post with others who may be interested. Thanks!

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