Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Crawling with Corvettes - no, not our colony

This post is for those of you who can get excited about wheels...the kind of wheels that only a select few drive around with.

While we were in Sioux Falls, South Dakota they had Harley and Corvette Days. Now, I don't know where the Harleys were hanging out, but the place was certainly crawling with Corvettes. For me, it's just another car... somebody actually had to point out to me that they were Corvettes.  OK, so fine, that's sort of pathetic, especially since I admitted that right here where the whole world can read it, (-: but, you see, my life doesn't revolve around wheels. If the wheels I'm traveling on, get me from point A to point B, that's all I need. Still, it would have been a thrill to go for a ride in one.

Anyway, the hotel parking lot boasted 15 Corvettes one day, as observed from my vantage point, the 4th floor of the Holiday Inn. Didn't dawn on me to take pictures right then, for some reason. But a few days later my sister and I captured a few 'Vettes, in case someone back home would be interested.

This was an educational trip, so yes, lesson learned - I now know what this toy looks like. Not so sure though, how long I'll be able to remember the face with the name. Next time I see one, I may think it's a Lemon, I mean, Lamborghini.

Something tells me, I'm going to hear from some Corvette owners.... I'd love to! (-:



  1. This post is SOOO funny to me because I don't know cars either (except, I have to say, I do know what a Corvette is) and my goal is Point A to Point B as well. When I needed a new car, I would see something driving around and try and remember what it was called. I told my husband I liked the look of this one Lexus. He just started laughing and said, "Yeah, I don't think so." Apparently I have good taste because it was an expensive car - but they all pretty much look alike to me!! Needless to say, we are happy with our not-so-expensive, new whatever-it-is and it does the job of getting us where we need to be, and for that I am very thankful. :)

  2. Thanks Housewife, glad you enjoyed. I enjoyed writing it as well. We should get together some time and talk cars.

  3. love the Lamborghini myself, not that I am a car freak, just like the way the doors open, :-) otherwise I'm of the same mind, if it gets me from point A to point B, what more do I want!


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