Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Good Clean Summer Fun...or not

We were planting trees in our yard, when my 2 year old nephew, Jakobi, discovered this hole. It had been raining, so he was wearing his rubber boots. At that point the hole had no water in it yet, but he was happy clambering in and out. My sister added water and it was "Oh Boy! Double Joy! Especially for Jakobi. But make no mistake, the aunts watching this spectacle had just as much fun and decided to capture this muddy moment for mommy and daddy to see. Here's the thing though, we can not get Jakobi into one of those plastic kiddie pools. Now we know why....the water is too clean.

Yes! My first swimming hole.

Mommy's gonna love me for this.

But hey, she's gotta know that this is fun.

Oh uh, my boot stayed behind... problem, I'll get it.

Need a little help with diggin'?

Let me just wash my hands first?

Just doesn't get any better than this! So glad my aunts all
grew up loving water and mud, or else it would have bee
'game over' before the fun even started.

 The joys of raising boys!


  1. I've seen this a million times and I still laugh...AND I'm his MOM!!

  2. Too cute! oh my I am getting nostalgia, I remember my carefree days of getting muddy and wet, now I cringe when I get a speck on me! grr I think I need to lighten up and get like a child again! lol

  3. What fun! He is adorable. I think that mud is one of the best toys that kids can have. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thank goodness for people who still let their little ones explore and get dirty.

  5. Back when I was about 6 or so, I remember a cement crew came to our place and was pouring fresh concrete along the driveway. There was water in it that looked as turbid as the water in Jakobi's little pool there... I remember asking one of the workmen whether it was chocolate milk, and could I have some? :)

    Ahh, the joys of being young and exploring everything new!


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