Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Elementary 'Masterpiece' - Linda Made it

I'm sure everybody saves some things from their elementary days. However, it's not very often that we find out someone else has carted some of your work around for many years.

Some years ago my sister, Elma and I reconnected with one of my teachers, Mrs. Gertrude Emery. (I know what you're thinking: "She must be old." We won't get into that now.) After resigning from her position at our school, she moved to Riding Mountain, Manitoba, from there to Alberta and then finally back to Portage, in our area. While visiting with her, she told us that she has kept some of her students' work all these years. Then went on to tell us that she'll give the whole box to us and we can give it to her former students. Included in this box was one of my reading workbooks and a drawing. I still chuckle when I look at this clearly Hutterite sketch. The building used to be our kitchen and is now long gone. Not sure who the people are, as they don't look like anyone I know. (-:

The thing that really tickles me is 'Linda made it' right in the centre. I guess I didn't want anyone else to claim my art as their own. And nobody ever told me that artists usually don't have their signatures screaming at the people admiring their work. Oh, perhaps it was meant to be the title of this masterpiece. The scotch tape marks indicate that it was displayed at some point, but for now it's tucked away in a drawer. Maybe one day I will have it framed.

One more thing, my sketching skills haven't improved all that much over the years.

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