Tuesday, 13 March 2012

German POW Update - mystery photo

This journey has taken some interesting and intriguing paths, for sure! This latest path finds me wondering about this old photo that Robert Henderson (Homefront Museum in Regina) sent me. Imagine my surprise as I was casually leafing through a bunch of photos, and came across this one. It was copied from the album of a German POW, Paul Nerger, who at one point was stationed at a lumber camp near Mafeking, Manitoba. There are no Hutterite colonies in that area, so I'm assuming he also spent some time at a farm labour camp in the vicinity of a colony, as the children in the picture are clearly Hutterite. I believe Paul settled in Winnipeg after the war. So if you know anybody by that last name, please pass this post on to them. Thanks! If this photo seems familiar to you, or you think you know anybody in it, I would love to hear from you! Help me solve the mystery.

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  1. It is like solving a mystery! Good luck. With the internet these days word can travel fast. I will pray it finds its way tot he right person for you.


  2. Thanks Jodi! Yes, that would be really exciting to solve this mystery.


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