Sunday, 4 March 2012

German POW Research - Literature

When I first delved into this research project, I didn't really know where to start looking, didn't know of any books on the subjects, nor anybody who was interested or who had researched this topic. So, I started online and soon found a number of books, articles and websites/blogs on POW. Then I went to our local library and sifted through old newspapers they had stored on microfilm. With the help of one of their volunteers I managed to find quite a few articles of the work camps in our area. Needless to say, these put some wind in my sail.
However, I was most grateful for some interesting and helpful books I found, most by Canadian authors:
  • Park Prisoners - Bill Waiser
  • Behind Canadian Barbed Wire - David Carter
  • Winnipeg 8 The Ice-cold Hothouse - Charles Wilkens (includes Ernst Werdermann's story)
  • The Sawmill Boys POW & Conscientious Objectors - Edward S. Stozek
  • German Prisoners of War in Canada and their Artifacts - C.M.V. Madsen and R.J. Henderson
  • Lasting Impressions - Historical sketches of the Swan River Valley (Includes on chapter on POW)
I was able to get all of these through our local library. In case anybody wants to learn more about this era, these books are a good place to start feeding your interest. I've since learned that there are quite a few others, but I haven't been able to acquire them yet.

If you've missed my other posts regarding this topic, you can click on German POW in the labels. And if you know anything about this, I'd love to hear from you. You can either leave a comment or email me, using 'contact me' in the sidebars. I've received quite a few interesting emails/comments since my first post. Thanks!

I'll leave you with another picture of a wood carving, with thanks to Edward Stozek.

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