Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just Smudge!

(Did you try to say that title out loud? Comes out like you have a mouthful of porridge sometimes. :-)

I've never posted any of our student's artwork. What an oversight!That is about to change. A few weeks ago our grades 5-8 created these beautiful pastel smudging pieces. They were quite happy when I told them that I'll post their work on my blog for all the world to see.  So, here goes, my very first blog art gallery. Enjoy!

Full Moon - Kristopher Hofer

Sunny Day - Jodi Maendel
Starry Night - Nicole Waldner
Sunset - Daria Hofer

Northern Lights - Jeanita Maendel

The Forest - Adrian Maendel

Guess I may as well add the teacher's piece as well.

Die Gman (The Colony) - Elma Maendel

Well Done, Everybody!

We may as well do a Reader's Choice, eh?
Which one is your favourite?
They're all beautiful, but I like Full Moon best.


Amber S. said...

Love the creativity! You and your students did an excellent job! :)

I'm rather partial to Full Moon, as well - love how it looks like it's glowing! But all of them are lovely. :)


Chelsea said...

I like them all, but as Amber said, I like how the Full Moon picture looks like it is glowing!


Anonymous said...

Very lovely work. Full Moon and Starry Night are extra-special.

Rebecca said...

^(For some reason it won't accept any of my OpenIDs.)

Linda said...

Sorry Rebecca, but I'm not sure I understand what your problem is, or I would try to help.

Anonymous said...

The Forest is my favorite. The geese are beautiful!

mummybear said...

Wow they are amazing! I think the Starry night one is my favourite. Would love to know how you students created them!