Thursday, 14 July 2011

One Add One Makes One.... the bond of marriage
One and one makes one forever.
What a perfect plan for a man and woman,
Joined in love by God’s own hand.
(excerpt from a song by Butch G. Wipf, Decker Colony)

            Yes, we recently celebrated a wedding. The bride, traditionally moves to the groom’s colony. Thus, William, the bridegroom brought home his bride, Anita at 8:00 am on Sunday morning. The wedding guests arrived at the same time. They were met about ½ a mile from our colony by ‘the welcoming committee’ – a tractor and trailer with cheering children, a few quads and two borrowed mascots, pertinent to our colony – King Spud and Mr. Turkey. This bridal procession made its way around the colony, and then finally parked where the bride, groom and the guests were greeted by almost the entire colony.
The ceremony took place shortly after. The teaching was from Ephesians 5:22-33.  For the entire service the bride and groom sit with the others in attendance, women and men on separate sides. However, there are two pews reserved; one for the bride, her sisters and other relatives, and the same for the groom, his bothers… directly across the aisle from her. One of the main messages was: to ensure ‘till death do us part’, its integral to have Christ as the centre of a marriage. After the sermon the bridal pair is asked to come to the front for the wedding vows and to have their marriage blessed:

Finally, we together with the whole church wish you from the Almighty, eternal God – yes, from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, his blessing and benediction. May He himself join you together and fulfill His blessing in you, that you may dwell together as an upright and godly married couple, and live together peacefully and serve God as long as you live. That we wish you once more from God, through Jesus Christ, Amen

The noon meal consisted of noodle soup, beef, steamed vegetables, a salad plate and cream cheese dessert. The meals and snacks at a Hutterite wedding day are prepared by the women of the host colony and served by ‘die Buebm’ the young men.  These same Buebm help the women with clean up after the meal.

centre piece

The communal dining room, where we gathered at 3:00 pm, for an afternoon of singing and snack, was decorated with a Noah’s Ark theme. (Want to know why, see my May posts) We had 6 different adults and children choirs, a men quartet, a duet, and some recitations and skits done by the children. Near the beginning I got to hear one of my favourite songs, 'You Raise Me Up' by the Springfield ChoirAnother highlight came near the end of the day, when someone requested our choir and the two guest choirs, Springfield and Valley View singing Pilot Me’.
 The supper menu was mushroom soup, cold cuts, buns, salad and a fruit platter with dip for dessert. We enjoyed preparing this day for our couple, William and Anita, and shared it gratefully with guests from a few other colonies who came to celebrate this union.
(Out of respect for the couple who don't wish to be posted on the WWW, no wedding picture. Sorry)  


  1. Congratulations to the couple and what a beautiful wedding day/feast they had!

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  3. I'm assuming my wedding post reminded you of the couple in your article. (-:


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