Sunday, 3 July 2011

Manitoba Water Woes Continue

Clear blue sky on a very warm June day and Maple Grove Colony is still battling the Souris River...

In our area, along the Assinaboine River things seem to have settled down for now, but the Souris flows into the Assiniboine which means the Portage Diversion will once again be operating above capacity, testing the dikes in the area. Along the Souris River Maple Grove colony is having major problems. They've been diking for a long time now with flood water very close to their buildings. "Our people are tired and we couldn't do this without the help of other colonies." one member commented. "And the crest isn't here yet. It's the unknown that is worrisome. How much water will still come?"

dike at the cow barn

cow pasture
leaking dikes
Valley View Colony helping out
colony garden

back road to colony

Thank you Cheryl Hofer for giving us a glimpse of what you're dealing with! Remember, you're not alone, even though we're not physically there to help, we're there in spirit and with praying hearts.

For more on this flood

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