Sunday, 22 May 2011

Golden Moments

       Almost everyday this week I received flowers. There was no special occasion, or if there was, nobody told me. Just some sweet smiles and "these are for you". Nonetheless, the flowers did add bright sparkles to my days, but they hung their heads rather quickly. Thus telling me that they'd rather not be in a makeshift vase on my desk, even when  I added water. So for quite a bit longer than they smiled, I left them on my desk then discarded them. Shortly thereafter, more golden flowers appeared and with them genuine love. These after all were the first flowers of the season, picked gently and I was the chosen recipient.

Yes, dandelions. And I know, for most of us they are nothing more than an irritating weed, that is almost impossible to get rid of. For young children, like my students, however, they are pretty flowers and the first real ones they've seen since last year. So they're special and have to be picked and given to someone. For every school day this week, it was me. I graciously excepted them and gave them a prominent spot on my desk, at least for a day. When I laid them to rest in the garbage can, I hoped this meant that there'll be a thousand or so seeds less on the lawn.

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  1. Very nice! I had some gracing my kitchen table yesterday and today... picked for me by my grandson, Keegan, who will be four next month. He said, "We'll bring all the dandelions in the house, and all the people will come, and it will be a grand celebration!"


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