Sunday, 24 April 2011

Touched by a Monarch

           Seeing spring bursting with new life, I am reminded of the life cycle of a butterfly. If you’ve ever watched a tiny white speck on a milkweed go through a series of changes to finally become a magnificent monarch, you’ve definately seen one of God’s wonders. 
 Last fall we brought three chrysalises to school to share this marvel with our children.  Watching their childlike wonder brought back the first time I saw this metamorphosis, especially when the first butterfly somersaulted out of its chrysalis. It really is a WOW! moment everytime you see it.
            In our eyes, all three monarchs were beautiful, even though one had a maimed wing. The children named them Prince, Princess and Lucky, "because he’s lucky to be alive". When the time came to release them to start their journey to Mexico, we had mixed feelings. Of course, we wanted them to join their friends in Mexico, but we were also sad to see them go. Prince and Princess took to the sky shortly after we placed them on flowers. As for Lucky, he only burrowed himself in the flowers, as if knowing he won’t be able to make the long trip. Not even the children’s encouraging chants, “You gotta go! You gotta go! You gotta go to Mexico!” could propel Lucky skyward. Enhancing the wonder of this monarch, our Lucky, were the melancholy feelings he evoked when we realized he will make it to Mexico only in our dreams!
            To watch the monarch migration visit Journey North.

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