Tuesday 13 January 2015

Deep-Freeze Days and Frost Art

In Manitoba we tend to spend considerable time talking about the weather. And there's usually plenty to say about it, as it keeps changing. For example, a few days we dipped to -32 degrees Celsius, then we have this "Real Feel" or 'with the windchill' thing. This brings the aforementioned number down some more, which means we were at -45. Yes, that is cold. Oh, and then today they're predicting milder temperatures soon. Today we're hovering between -15 and -20. Nice! I know, we're tough like that.

Anyway, more weather related stuff, the prettier side of those bone-chilling temperatures. I took these on our living room window. Aren't they just gorgeous? See, when we hit those below 30's, one way to survive is, taking pleasure in simple things related to the weather, like frosty windows - admire the art and forget your frozen toes for a few minutes. I'm going to go have my afternoon coffee now - another beat the deep freeze tactic.

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