Saturday 27 December 2014

Meeting Goliath

My nephews have been hearing Bible stories since they were able to sit still for a few minutes. They're surrounded by their parents, grandparents, aunts, babysitter and preschool teachers who enjoy sharing stories with them.

Terrance, our sweet little 'David'
I sometimes wonder how much these little minds are able to take in, even though they're able to retell the stories pretty well, with surprising accuracy and details. I'm amazed how they emphasize some words and get excited, just liked they'd heard the adults do. But nothing was so touching as when Jakobi and Terrance recently met 'Goliath'.

They were at another colony with their parents when one of the relatives enters the house they were visiting at. This man was big and strong and both boys looked at him wide-eyed with wonder and exclaimed in unison, "Goliath!" After the initial shock of meeting the giant, Terrance, all of three years old and usually very timid around strangers, decided he's not scared even without a slingshot and stones. Obviously this time he wanted to be brave like David,  and stepped in front of this giant of a man. Looked up at him, dead serious, and with hands on his hips declares loudly, "You think you're strong. You think I'm just a boy. You're not strong."

He probably couldn't understand why 'Goliath' and everybody else in the room thought this was hilarious. It is funny, but at the same time amazing that this little guy who never doubted that this really was Goliath and that he was brave enough to face him. He'd heard the story so many times and of course always sided with David, that now he was brave enough to take on a giant himself. Yes, dare to be a David!

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  1. This is wonderful! Children keep our hearts soft with their innocence. And we are not meant to be hard-hearted!


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