Wednesday 21 August 2013

Spittal an der Drau - Austria

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in this area, mostly a quick visit to look for and take pictures at the Waldner-, Hofer-, Wurtz- and Kleinsasserhof.

This area has four places that have a Hutterite surname: Kleinsasserhof, up in the mountains, and Waldnerhof, Wurtzhof (although this one has a different name now) and Hoferhof in the valley.

All of these places were at one point owned by these families who later joined the Hutterites.  Kleinsasserhof is actually still in the same family. This place was at one point owned by Hans Kleinsasser family, who were Lutherans, along with some other families: Hofers, Waldners, Glanzers, Wurtz' were exiled from Austria and fled to Transylvania (Romania) where they  met up with a group of Hutterites.

 Today Kleinsasserhof is a tourist resort and is owned by Waltraud and Josef Gasser, descendants of Hans Kleinsasser. So this is where the families mentioned above can trace their roots back to, including myself, because there are Glanzers and Waldners in my family tree, but unfortunately we were not able to find we'll have to come back again sometime. (:

used to be Wurtzhof
I have to thank everybody back home for all the birthday wishes today. I was deeply touched! After Jack, Sam and Elma left for Frankfurt (yes, we shed a few tears, but we're fine now, totally fine and very excited about starting our course tomorrow:) Kathy and I went back to Ernest August Galerie, a huge shopping centre in the area. As soon as we got home, my phone started to jingle, almost non-stop for about 10 - 15 minutes. So sweet!
This is the second time that I've celebrated my birthday in Germany - ten years ago I was in Berlin and celebrated my birthday with cake and pizza and had a 12 hour train ride to Austria with my traveling companions Tirzah and Alyson - remember that time, you two??


  1. Linda, happy birthday!! Yes, Michael Hofer, my great great grandfather descended from the Kleinassers in Spital an der Drau. I want to see this someday. Enjoy your classes.

  2. Thanks Susan! This whole trip has been fabulous and the best birthday gift I could have wished for!!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I've been researching the internet for information about my family heritage and I eventually came across Kleinsasserhof. My name is Kleinsasser and I am from North Dakota. I'd like to visit here some time in my life, and I believe I will have to make the trip.

    1. You should definitely plan that trip, Mike. It's an amazing experience.

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  5. Hi William K, you can contact me by using the contact me form on the right sidebar.

  6. Is this the same Wurtz house where they had to sneak of the basement window to have Bible study?

  7. I don't know. Sorry.


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