Monday 13 May 2013

Golden Bouquets

I got my first golden bouquet of the season today!

Stems all to short, so I couldn't put them in a vase.
I was left with no other choice but to leave these golden wonders
lying on my computer desk,watching them wilt by the second.
Pretty sure there'll be more where these ones came from.
Lots more.

Like a sure sign of spring,
Little feet clomp down the hall, towards my classroom.
Excited voice, "I'm giving mine to Linda!"

My enthusiastic,
 "Thank you, they are gorgeous! Where did you find them?"
Means I'll get many more.
Sometimes I jokingly tell these kind-hearted kiddies,
"Pretty soon I'll have enough to make wine."
They don't pick up on the fact that I'm kidding,
So, they tell everyone they meet.
"She's going to make wine!"
Which generates some chuckles...
And yes, funny looks.

(No, there will be no wine-making classes anytime soon.)

We mostly look at these flowers as pesky weeds,
that keep springing up in our yard,
no matter what we do to try and get rid of them.
They seem to have a mind of their own,
and don't really care what we think of them.


...looking at one of this delicate bloom closely,
it's actually very pretty
 velvety soft, golden.
Hundreds of thin petals
with tan-tinged ends,
held together by a green cup,
perching on a flimsy stem.

Yes, gorgeous up close.
But looking at them from a distance
millions of them spread on the lawn,
waiting to turn to seed
 spreading yet more dandy love,
Is the phenomenon that
 changes our perspective.
And all we see is ugly weeds,
that you just want to get rid of.

No matter,
When little hands bring these bouquets,
I love them,
And the dear hearts that still see them only as the
Wonders of spring that they truly are.
Beautiful blooms placed here by their Maker
To pick, share, enjoy.
And marvel at their splendour!


  1. A dear aunt used to recite to me, as I was a young child....

    "In early spring there is a flower with lovely yellow hair. It soon grows gray and blows away and leaves it's head quite bare." Then she would ask me to guess what flower she was talking about. ;)

  2. Little children blessing their teacher... counts.

  3. They are gorgeous, and that they were borne to you in the hands of a child makes them even more so.

  4. My goodness, no - they're not weeds! They're God's gift that keeps on giving. Dandelions are in fact edible (leaves, root and flowers). Bees can make a most exquisite honey from them. Salad, wine, honey, coffee substitute (from the roasted roots); lots of vitamin A and C. Let's thank the Lord for dandelions :)

  5. I miss so much the days when my kids would bring me little bouquets of dandelions. Wahhh.... At least they're pretty little weeds. LOL

  6. Pesky maybe, but they are pretty up close! How sweet of the children.

  7. I found it interesting in the new novel A Noble Groom, the young widowed mom actually makes a dandelion jelly that's in high regard [and demand!] by the rest of the immigrants..
    wonder what we'd find if we google searched that ?!


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