Saturday 25 May 2013

Einfach Wunderbar!

Back in March I got an email from Wieland Petermann, German Language Consultant for Canada West, informing me about a summer course for teachers that the Ministry of Education of Lower Saxony was offering.  I'd seen a offer recently, but this one somehow seemed to say, "Take a closer look." Which I did. I learned that I'd first have to email Cheryl Prokopanko, Director, International Education Branch Manitoba Advanced Education and Literacy to let her know I was interested. I also passed this offer on to other German teachers I knew would be interested, including my colleague, Kathy Waldner.

Ms. Prokopanko sent us an application form and told us that her department, as per instructions from Lower Saxony Ministry of Education, can choose only three Manitoba teachers. Shortly after receiving the application, I filled it out and sent it in. Then the waiting began - knowing we would not hear anything till May, after the application deadline. Back then we were still shoveling snow and May seemed soooo far away.

Should we be accepted we'd receive a scholarship for a ten-day course in Hannover, hotel and meals for the duration of the course. My colony's leadership had already given me their blessing and would take care of my flight and other travel expenses.

Brandenburgtor in Berlin
So, I'm a little excited here!! - Kathy and myself were both accepted! God willing, August will find us in the beautiful country of Germany. Maybe we'll even get to visit some historical sites for Hutterites. We'll see how it all works out. Now that we know that we're going, we can start planning! Einfach Wunderbar!

I was in Germany ten years ago, taking part in a course in Berlin, but also spent some time in Rostock on the Baltic Sea and did some touring in Austria. (Read more here) It was a wonderful trip and I trust this time around will be the same.

Germany and Austria are special places for Hutterites, since we have roots there. Our dresses are modeled after the Dirndl and we teach the German language in our schools. Our mother tongue, which we fondly call Hutterisch, is a German dialect. Most of our church services are in High German and our choirs sing many songs in that language as well. During the school year, all our K-8 students have German classes everyday, and the Highschoolers a few times a week.

Thanks to Wieland Petermann for telling me about the course, to Cheryl Prokopanko for helping me with the application process, to the Lower Saxony Ministry of Education for this wonderful opportunity and to my colony for supporting my wish!

Looking forward to blogging from the other side of the ocean this summer!



  1. Dass ist einfach Wunderbar!!! So pleased for you and your friend.

  2. God Willing! Sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime! Sounds really really fun!

  3. Looking forward to the whole experience - be it touring or learning. Und du wirst doch auf Deutsch bloggn?

  4. Well Kathy, I could blog in German, and that would seem to be the thing to do, especially given the fact that this is a German study trip, but most of my readers would not be able to understand it, (and I do want to 'take them along' for the ride)so I'll have to keep the German to a sentence here and there.

  5. Some people get all the luck! :-) good for the both of you, I am assuming Kathy is from Decker?

    I would love to visit Austria someday, along with a few other countries, but reality for me means highly unlikely, so I look forward to your blog posts!

    remember, that God is everywhere! and He will be with you!

  6. Yes, Kathy is from Decker. And don't give up your dreams Lydia...they have a way of coming true.

  7. Thanks Linda, they do, and God answers prayers, and so much better than what I pray for!

    When I count my blessings, I can't stop.

    I have one request, when you drink that superior European coffee, think of me, I think that's my biggest longing to drink the coffee there. I hear tell they get the better coffee than we do here, and Mike and Lisa have told me it IS good. (sigh) lol

  8. Shall do, Lydia. Yes, they have super good coffee and chocolate and pastries!! These three are worth the trip already. (:


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