Saturday 25 August 2012

We Don't Want to Share our Grapes with the Birds

We have grapes in our back yard and this seems to be a good year for this fruit. There's an abundance of big, beautiful, but not yet ripe grapes on the vines. We have a big problem, though. Someone informed a flock of birds about this feast and they all come quite regularly.

One of the things my sister has tried to deter the birds, is to place a goose and an owl ornament on and around the arbour. I'm not sure how that should work, since they're birds too. Would smaller birds actually be scared of them? Doesn't seem that way. For now she has some of the vines covered with a bright fabric. That way the pests  can't get to our grapes and we may actually be able to enjoy at least a few bunches.

Do you grow grapes? Would love to hear what you do to keep the birds away.


  1. We have the smaller variety of fox grapes around our yard...very tart..but yours look delectable! I'm not sure how you'd keep the birds away--they look too can a bird resist? :)

  2. Have you tried bird netting? They are used for keeping birds off of berries, too. I have never used it personally but have heard that it is effective.

  3. I have a friend who ties old, scratched CDs by long strings from branches. They twirl around in the breeze and the light glints off them, which she says alarms the birds very much. She says she has no problems with birds in her fruit garden. Perhaps you could try this? It´s also kind of pretty on a sunny day with the light glancing around!

    1. I tried this method a few years back...I hung at least 40 CDs from the branches of two large blueberry bushes. The birds still robbed me. in fact, I saw no difference from when I did nothing to stop them. except that year I had to answer the same question every time someone pulled into our driveway until I took then down. a huge waste of time and energy IMO.

  4. I'd try the plastic owl - or what about a scarecrow? Probably sounds goofy, but you never know. Good luck - those look great!!

  5. Thanks for those suggestions! I especially like the CD idea.

  6. Well, I don't know if it's quite your style :), but once I did try this:

    Actually, it didn't really work for me either. I was going to try netting this year, but when I saw it at the hardware store for TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS A ROLL, I decided if I needed it I'd get a big needle and learn to make my own, you know, like the apostles...

  7. That's a funny looking scarecrow, libbiali. I understand how it wouldn't work. Instead of netting you can also use old lace curtains. Looks a bit strange, but it keeps the birds away from the grapes.

  8. That's a great idea-- I'm going to try it.


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