Friday, 27 June 2014


It's always exciting to see young people reach this important milestone. But also a bit nostalgic - knowing, after so many years in school with them, they will not be back in September. Thus, as we celebrated this achievement, our Grads of 2014 gave us a wonderful opportunity to look back on their school years. We had three grads, and they chose to do the valedictorian speech together. They took us from their early years all the way through High school - the favourite classes, fun times, not so fun times, struggles and over coming them, and emotional thank yous... So, their speech, beautifully written and presented, brought some smiles and tears.

I was reminded I have a few memories of Caleb, Shaniah and Damion right here on my blog:

All Figured Out in Grade Three, is a conversation between Caleb and  Shaniah.

School Chuckles - Mind Those Os - the boy in this story is Damion.

Caleb, Shaniah and Damion!
We will miss you in school,
but wish you all the best as you start
this new phase of your lives.
As you leave school days behind, 
 we hope you never stop learning.
We're proud of all you've accomplished,
and look forward to seeing you use
your acquired knowledge
to serve your community,
in whatever tasks lie ahead.

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