Thursday, 15 April 2021

Re. Upcoming Feedburner Changes

Hello Everybody,

I've lately been notified by Blogger, about an upcoming change to Feedburner. If you're like me, your response was something like this: What in the world is that? You can learn more about it here. This has something to do with following my blog via email. I humbly admit I don't fully understand what exactly that will mean, in terms of you following this blog through email. Maybe it will continue to work, maybe not. It was suggested I migrate my email follower list to some other subscriber service. Where that service might be, I have no idea. Yes, I tried this migrating thing, but didn't get far. (I thought only birds migrate. :) If you think you can help me with this, I will gladly accept. Other than that, the only thing I can suggest, if you follow via email, try to find some other way. I do also share my new posts via Whatsapp. I could also make a blog follower group in email, but then I'd have to remember to share my new posts there, right? :( I'm not sure this would be your best option. 

Let me know what you think. And thank you for following my blog all those years. I apologize for not posting as regularly as used to. I didn't think I'd be as busy as I was when I worked in school full time, at Elm River Colony, but I guess married life has given me plenty to do as well. Lots of blessings for sure - wearing a few hats these days, wife, mom,
grandma and helping my husband raise greenhouse tomatoes. We've started picking. Had my first tomato sandwich of the season this week! Hmmmm! 

How did I get from Blogger changes to tomatoes? Oh well....

Have a great day!


  1. I will continue to receive your posts as I have subscribed through Blogger - I suggest you recommend your followers to do likewise, or maybe you sign up with Bloglovin' and that they follow you that way. Hope my suggestions are helpful
    Stay safe

  2. oops, I see you have already got the Bloglovin' link there... sorry

  3. But it is a good suggestion, Maxine, one that I should have mentioned. Thanks.


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