Friday, 23 August 2013

Steinebrun and Falkenstein - Lower Austria

Part of the Falkenstein ruin
December 6, 1539 marks another very sad day in our history - 150 brothers from Steinebrunn, were captured and 'taken under secure guard to Falkenstein Castle', some of which ended up as slaves on galley ships. (Today there's nothing at Steinebrunn that is Hutterite related.) In a letter sent back to the community, in the name of all the prisoners, one ends with this:

We do not know what the Lord will allow and what more he has in store for us, but we think that they have sent for the executioners and will torture us again. The Almighty's will be done. Let them threaten us all they wish, we are not frightened by their abuse. (The Chronicle of the Hutterian Brethren V1)

What courage!!

There's a song written by Anthonius Erdforder, in our Lieder der Hutterischen Brueder (page 103) which tells this story:

Von Truebsal, Schmerzen, Elend gross,
Und von dem Kreuz des Herren,
Ueber die frommen Gottesgenoss,
Sollt ihr ein Klaglied hoeren.
Zu Steinabrunn in Oesterreich
An einem Samstag Abend gleich,
Im neun und dreissigsten Jahre,
Den sechsten Tag Dezember spat,
O hoert ein gach schreckliche Tat
Ueber das Haus des Herren.

Part of the area where prisoners were kept...yeah, not to comfy.

At Falkenstein there's another Hutterite Gallery, which Alexander Basnar set up. While there we watched a slide show of pictures from the Martyrs Mirror and has Alexander Basnar (who was our tour guide that day) singing a song from our Vaeterlieder songbook. He does a great job with that song! He's actually made a CD, which is available at HB Book Centre.

I'm really looking forward to reading our History Book again when I get home - this time I'll have pictures to go along with the stories!

To give you an idea what the beautiful posters look like -
I believe Alexander Basnar designed them.
 (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Alexander.)
the view from the top - looking towards Nikolsburg
where we're headed next...however you will have to wait till the next post,
whenever that will be.
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  1. Hi, I wasnt aware of a "Jacob Hutter" movie. Is it a documentary? Where can it be purchased or seen at? (Youtube?? :-) )

  2. It is a documentary and the title is Jakob Hutter und die Hutterer. I believe HB Book Centre in MB has it, Amazon may have it as well. I don't know if it's on you Tube.


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