Tuesday 13 August 2013

Innsbruck - Das Goldene Dachl

Before we came here we knew that there's a Hutterer Kreis - a group of people interested in and working to spread the word about the Anabaptist story, here in Austria. When we arrived here we were welcomed very warmly by these people. Kathy, Elma and I are staying with, Max and Margreta Eugster. Jack and Sam are staying with Edward and Gertrud Geisler. They generously took time to tour some historical places for Hutterites with us.

Cornelia and me
First we went to Das Goldene Dachl where Jakob Hutter was burned at the stake on February 25, 1536. Here we met Cornelia Verdross who I knew only through email. She had written something about Hutterites, did a google search, and eventually connected with me. Anyway, I'm so glad that we were able to arrange this, and on very short notice. Amazing that she's home from school now. She works part time in this area, so was great to have her take us to many interesting places. She stayed with us the whole day. I loved the fact that she, like my friend, Manuela in Switzerland, came dressed in a Dirndl, which she did because she knows I love it. My dream is to own one, one day!

We climbed up the Stadtturm steps, (more than at Grossmuenster in Zurich) and the view from there is worth all the huffing and puffing to get there. Here are a few:

Das Goldene Dachl

This has been a very full day, so I could write for at least an hour - also visited Rattenberg and Schwaz, but unfortunately my internet connection is rather slow. Thus, I will have to leave it here and write more about this day next time. But before I do, I'll share one more little story. Would love to do that in German, because it's funnier, but most of my readers wouldn't understand, so English will have to do:
At one of the places we visited today, I was proudly taking photos with my Blackberry z10, when Edward Geisler, our tour guide walked up to me and said, "Oh, Linda. I see you have a cell phone. Sehr modern!" After taking a closer look he continued,  "A Blackberry! Do they even make these any more?"
Must be, I'm sure I didn't get the last one on the market. (:
All jokes aside, I can not say how grateful I am for this Hutterer Kreis, for all they did for us today and more importantly, all they do to share the Anabaptist story with others. I will never forget this. We now have many new friends in Innsbruck!!

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  1. hee hee Linda, I think most of us get the joke, but even if the iphone is more popular, I get it when ppl call us the icult, and I cringe! :-P

    back to the pictures, I get weepy just thinking about what all our forefathers suffered for Jesus and how they willingly give their lives to the one who died for us. somehow I think I would be blubbering like a baby if I ever visited such places. something to think about, would we be able to do all that, leave family and friends, homeland, suffer persecution and even death?

    so glad you can share....

  2. Hi. I can hardly believe it! I was looking this morning for a photo of the plaque about Hutter to use in our magazine. And there you are, standing right under it! Well, part of it is chopped off, but I assume you would have one of the whole plaque. Would you be willing, pretty please, to e-mail me a photo of that plaque, complete with permission to use it in our magazine? Send it to atnips at gmail dot com.
    Another thing to mention is that Dean Taylor and Peter Hoover are over there somewhere, holding some meetings in the Czech Republic about the history of the Hutterites. Are you going to be involved in that?
    Thanks. Mike

  3. So glad to read that you are having a good time in Austria and are enjoying your trip! It was great to meet you in Zurich on Sunday - I really enjoyed spending the morning with you! Have a safe onward journey and take care!
    Mochts es guat!


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