Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Joy of Less -Amy Newmark and Brooke Burke-Charvet (Giveaway)

About the Book:

Do you have too much stuff? Are you cramming too many activities into each day? Have electronic devices taken over your free time? We all want to reclaim control of our lives—reducing the amount of clutter in our homes, on our calendars, and on our screens! Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Less shows you how, with 101 stories from real people who have figured out how to experience “the joy of less” by simplifying their lives.

These stories will inspire you to get to work on those life-changing projects that you’ve been meaning to do for years. You’ll learn how to de-clutter your homes and experience the liberation of less “stuff.” You’ll be inspired to slim down your calendar and say “no” to commitments you don’t want to make. And you’ll find yourself re-evaluating the amount of time you spend online and in digital relationships with “friends” instead of having experiences and relationships with living, breathing people.

This is a new kind of book for Chicken Soup for the Soul—a new topic for its fans and stories that are
both entertaining but also filled with usable advice and easy-to-implement tips. Key inspirational quotes and tips from each story are also pulled out, magazine style, and featured throughout the book. You can’t help but be inspired to get to work on de-cluttering and simplifying your own life after reading these stories.

My Thoughts:

It's been a while since a book resonated with me as much as this one has. I've long been passionate about living simpler and not having too much stuff. And it's so easy to accumulate stuff and let it clutter our living space and our life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading how people creatively de-cluttered their life and experienced The Joy of Less. I sometimes like to mention a favourite story, but for this book, there were too many. I highly recommend The Joy of Less for everybody who is tired of too much stuff, too many activities, too much tech time, too much TV...and is looking for positive changes. This book will find you nodding in agreement many times, and hopefully inspire you to 'reclaim control of your life'.


In exchange for an honest review Shelton Interactive and Simon and Schuster provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.  


I would love to give you to a copy of this book, especially if you'd like to move towards The Joy of LessShelton Interactive has kindly made it possible for me to giveaway copies of this book. So depending on how many responses I get, will help me decide how many books I'll give away. Just leave a comment (along with your email address) and tell me if you've ever thought (or perhaps you did more than think) about de-cluttering your home. I'll decide the winner on June the 3rd, 2016, via and contact that person or persons via email. Good Luck!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I have managed to let go of a lot of things. My biggest problem has always been with furniture and any thing anyone has given me. I have really cut down on the knick knacks and only kept those with a lot of meaning. A couple weeks ago I even let go of my favorite piece of furniture, a china hutch. Time for someone else to love it! A couple year sago we had given the china to some deserving people so no need for a hutch!

Linda Maendel said...

Thanks for sharing, Michelle. I like your line, 'Time for someone else to love it!'

Amanda Tschetter said...

I have a bad habit of starting too many projects and then not having the time or ambition to finish them so I just leave them sitting in my closet or whereever. It can get quite frustrating! I also sometimes collect random junk items that people give away for free, thinking that I might need them one day. Having too much stuff and being involved in too many activities can truly make a person feel tired and frustrated. I really want to change and reclaim control of my life.

Linda Maendel said...

Then this book is just the medicine you need.
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