Friday, 10 July 2015

Hello! It's been a while...

... since I've posted anything. With the end of school, gardening, a wedding, and a long list of other things to do, my blog had to stay on the back burner.

This planter is made from an old pallet.

It's a scorcher here in Manitoba today, 31 degrees Celsius, one of those days when I'm really grateful for the invention of this thing called air conditioner. But our flowers are loving the heat and are putting on quite a show. Here are a few samples, all taken in our yard:

 And now for a short update on Hutterite Diaries: I'm enjoying reading the reviews that keep rolling in and also any other feedback coming my way, some verbal, other through email and snail mail. It's so rewarding to see how many people, Hutterites and non-Hutterites alike, enjoy and are touched by my book.If you've read Hutterite Diaries and have posted a review somewhere, I thank you so much for doing that! I know people are reading them and find them helpful.

Last weekend I met a Hutterite lady who told me, "Linda, I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your book. This is just what Hutterites need, one of our own telling our stories. Thanks so much for doing this!"

I'm pleasantly surprised by how the stories in my book inspire people reading them. I'm part of a writers group and at our last meeting, upon arrival I noticed a quilting book and some beautiful fabric samples stapled together like a large book (used in stores or by salesmen to show the various fabrics) sitting on the table beside a man. I couldn't imagine why he brought them, for I couldn't see him taking up quilting. But I soon learned that after reading the story about my community making lap quilts for Alzheimer patients, he acquired a bunch of those fabric sample books  from somewhere. Then he found a quilting book at a garage sale. I was touched when he generously gave all of that to me, to be used for future quilting projects.

Others have told me, that they treasure their copy of Hutterite Diaries and have read it a number of times; and enjoy it each time.

Wishing you a fabulous summer, with lots of time to read, relax and enjoy nature. Along with gardening, canning, reading and writing, part of my summer will be spent taking a philosophy course.

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