Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wishing for More Chances to Win Hutterite Diaries?

You got it!

I've been enjoying comments, verbal and written, in regards to my new book. It's always interesting to hear which stories have touched people, which one is their favourite, or the one they can relate with. I'm also grateful for the kind people who are helping promote my book via their blog/websites and hosting book launches. Thanks to my publisher, Herald Press, they're also hosting a giveaway. If you're wishing for another chance to win Hutterite Diaries, why not hop on over to:

 Amish Wisdom.

 Suzanne Woods Fisher's Author Spotlight. 


And for one more chance, also hosted by Herald Press and Menno Media, click on the Rafflecopter link below.

Good Luck!

If you live in my area, Hutterite Diaries is now also available at the Portage and District Art Centre Gallery and Gift Shop and at the HB Book Centre.


  1. I have heard of them but will have to get the book. Thanks to the writer about there way of Kim A

  2. Congrats, Linda! proud of your effort and sharing your writing with others :)

  3. Thanks, Faith Hope and Cherry Tea! It's been a fun journey... and still is. See you on June the 3rd!!

  4. I'm about half way through your book and finding it wonderful. It's informative in a warm and human way.I think I am learning a lot. I may do a blog post about it in the next month or so....

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying the book, Kristi. Thanks for letting me know. That would be great, if you'd do a blogpost!

  5. Should also say, Kristi, if you decide to do the blogpost, let me know if I can help you with anything.

  6. Linda, I shared the link from Amish Wisdom on my FB page.

    So glad that your launch was a great success with family and friends pouring in to help. I knew it would be!


  7. Thanks, Shirley! I really appreciate this!


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