Monday, 1 August 2011

A Superb Stumble-Upon

    Today's post doesn't have so much to do with Hutterites -- well except for the fact I'm Hutterite and stumbled upon an exceptional men's quartet some time ago and just want to share it with you. Would also really appreciate learning more about them. So, if anyone out there knows more, please let me know. I do know they're part of the Sulamita Ukrainian Church in Fairview, Oregon. I don't understand a word they're singing, but this is by far the best sounding quartet I've heard in a very long time! I've watched this I don't know how many times and don't get tired of it. Seems like this was shot around Christmas --  I don't mind a little Christmas in August. (Oh, and doesn't that one guy look like a Hutterite? Must be the beard, eh? Not so much the suit and tie.) I wonder, does this quartet have a name? Maybe it's above the clip, but unfortunately I can't read Ukrainian. Do they also sing in english or sell CD's? If so, where are they available? Enjoy!!

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